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EIZO Oceania has announced the availability of the new Flexscan SX2262W high-resolution 22-inch monitor, at a price - $1,700 inc gst - never before associated with premium-quality monitors.

With a native resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels and 12-bit look-up table yielding a palette of 64 billion colours, the new Flexscan SX2262W is aimed to appeal to designers, amateur and ‘prosumer’ photographers, CAD/CAM professionals, web developers and anyone who regularly manipulates imagery of their computer screen. It has many of the features found on more advanced EIZO monitors, such as Digital Uniformity Equalizer, which compensates for fluctuations in brightness and chroma, DisplayPort as well as dual DVI-I inputs, USB hub and ScreenManager Pro which supports preset settings and up to three customizable modes.

SX2262W_pressThe chip inside the Flexscan SX2262W differentiates it from ‘ordinary’ monitors in that it interprets the intent of the graphical file much more accurately, with smoother gradations and finer detail. This is particularly noticeable in shadow detail and colour fidelity.

“The new Flexscan SX2262W monitor delivers a feature set you would expect to cost much more,” says EIZO Oceania’s Managing Director Matthew Bauer. “Images look great on this model day in day out, and the comfort level extends all the way to pricing.”

For calibration, the Flexscan SX2262W works with Datacolor and X-Rite measuring devices for simple colour matching between monitor and printers. Monitor settings can be saved and ICC profiles created with accuracy and repeatability. For more critical colour, Flexscan SX2262W offers individual red, green and blue ‘gain control’, which sets the monitor’s internal chip, thereby reducing the amount of calculations performed by the profiling software. This function results in a smoother and more neutral greyscale for more accurate colour.

Bauer sums up; “Most people will spend up to 40 hours or more a week looking at a computer screen at work and home. It makes sense to avert eye strain and the poor colour rendition common with standard monitors. Now that a premium monitor, in the new EIZO Flexscan SX2262W is available at an affordable price, there’s no longer any reason for anyone who cares about detail, colour and stability to suffer second-rate performance.”

As with all EIZO monitors, a generous 5-year warranty is standard. An example of EIZO’s world-leading position in colour is that the Flexscan SX2262W can simulate two kinds of rendition for those who suffer colour blindness, in real time and for still and moving images. This feature verifies how colour schemes appear to those with red-green colour vision deficiency.

“It’s high-end performance at an affordable price, another reason why 40 years down the track, EIZO is still your first choice,” says Bauer.

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