Xanita have developed a new 100% eco-friendly fire-retardant board. The fire retardant criteria now allows for this product to be specified for applications which require a fire-retardant classification. 

Xanita achieved this milestone by pushing the barriers of science and impregnating X-Board with an eco-friendly solution during the manufacturing process. The entire process was pioneered and led by Xanita’s head of Research and Development, Joan Meyer, and a team of talented specialists. Fire-retardant X-Board is fully printable, and still retains all of the unique qualities that have made X-Board popular - only now with added benefits.

Fire-retardant X-Board is made to order and is an ideal solution for where higher fire retardancy may be required in certain exhibition, domestic, commercial, industrial, or retail applications.  The inclusion of fire-retarding chemicals does not in any way compromise the eco-friendly benefits of the board and it remains a fully recyclable and repulpable substrate.  



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